Are you looking for a little inspiration for your next project? Check out the gallery to see how Shabby Paints have been used to create unique one-of-a-kind creations. Be sure to keep checking back for new inspiration!



Jewel, covered in Worn White then distressed to show the Jewel.  
Finished with Shabby Varnish.                             



Vintage Glass and Varnish gave this candelabra a nice update!


Worn White with So Serene. 


This night stand was painted in Jewel and topped with VAX. The final coat was a mix of Garfield Grey, Ice and VAX to give that final touch!



The beauty was painted in Licorice as the base coat.  The stripes as a mix of Silver Shimmer and Licorice, which was washed onto the drawers.  The entire piece was finished with VAX mixed with a little Silver Shimmer to give a silver hue.  



This dresser was painted with Garfield Grey, then covered with one coat of Sheer VAX. To achieve the look of this dresser, I took Licorice and mixed it with VAX (1:1 ratio) and brushed it all over the shell of the dresser.  I then mixed a little Alamo White with VAX and lightly brushed it over the shell of the dresser (on-top of the Licorice).  One the drawers I started with the Alamo White and VAX mix and finished with the Licorice and VAX mix. The handles are painted with Oh So Shabby and distressed with sand paper.  This beauty resembles the look of slate!  This layered look can be achieved using any of the Shabby Paints colors and combinations. 


Does this chair take you back to the good ol' days or what??!!  This chair was painted with Peacock and Snow White, finished with VAX. A show stopper on any porch or patio for sure!  


Looking to bring a little color to our patio or deck?  Need to update those planters? If you answered yes to either of those questions, get some Shabby Paints and spruce up those old planters!  These planters were painted with Licorice and Garfield Grey.  


One of my clients completed this adorable table!  She used Shabby Paints So Serene and Oh So Shabby on the chairs, Vanilla Bear on the legs, finished with VAX and Hazelnut ReVAX.  For the table top, she lightly sanded and added Hazelnut ReVAX to acheive the look of stain.  


This beauty was finished in Vanilla Bear then lightly washed with So Serene.