**Always clean your project with a natural cleaner prior to painting, this is a very important step**

What is Shabby Paints?
Shabby Chalked Paint is an acrylic based paint with a look of its own. A soft flat paint look with unbelievable adhesion qualities makes this the perfect decorative paint.

How do I use Shabby Paints?
Chalked Paint Directions: Always stir paint before use and thoroughly clean your piece prior to painting.  Apply with brush, sponge or roller.  When fully dry, apply second coat when needed.  Chalked Paint can be used on wood, laminate, tile, glass, plastic, linoleum, metal, tin and ceramic pottery.  Cleans up easily with soap and water.

How do I use VAX, Varnish and ReVax?
Always stir Varnish, VAX and ReVAX before use.  Make sure the painted surface is clean and dry.  Apply liberally with a sponge, brush or rag.  Rub onto the surface until desired look is achieved OR brush on, and let dry for a rougher finish.  Let dry 5-15 minutes.  Apply additional coats for more durability. 

How do I clean my finished pieces?
Never use harsh chemicals or ammonia based cleaning products on finished furniture

What can I paint?
Shabby Chalked Paint is perfect for use on furniture, cabinets, laminate, tile, terra cotta, wood, glass, Plexiglas, plastic, ceramics, countertops, linoleum, metal & tin. 

Is Shabby Paints Safe to use?
Shabby Paints have Zero VOCs and non toxic

Additional Resources:
For videos on using Shabby Paints and Finish click here.