In 2016 The Shimmery Belle Boutique opened for business with a few goals in mind.  One of those goals was to give back to our community.  Never did we imagine that we would have so much support from you all, that it would allow us to do this so soon!!!  

We are excited to share that until further notice we will be donating a portion of our sales on a monthly basis back to a local organization, charity, individual or family in need.

What is even more exciting is that we will be looking to you, our customers, to provide us with referrals.  Each month the Shimmery Belle Family will select each month's referral, and announce it on our social media outlets and email (if you are not part of our list, sign up here!!).

A few additional details about our charitable giving program:

  • All referrals must be submitted to and shared with the Shimmery Belle staff and their respective families.  Please obtain permission prior to referring an individual or family.
  • When referring please provide the following information on who is being referred: name, phone number, email address, why you are referring and how this will help the potential recipient.  
  • The selected recipients will be notified with more information and given the opportunity to accept or decline their participation.
  • Donations will be a percentage of sales during a selected month and under full discretion of The Shimmery Belle Boutique.
  • We will maintain a list of referrals as they come through, there is no need to re-submit referrals.
  • Preference will be given to charities/families/individuals living or working in Hancock County, primarily children, families and woman in need.  

Our charitable giving program may change at any time and any updates will be made to this page.  


The Shimmery Belle Family